visitor management application

Best Visitor Management App for iOS & Android

Ever considered how to viably keep a watch on the walk-ins to your premises while keeping those recorded for quite a long time to come!! Well we thought of it and this made us structure an astounding application that proficiently deals with all visitors, visits and information thereof. Mehbaz is an entire visitor management arrangement that you will wish to have for your foundation.

Features of visitor management iOS & Android App

Highly Secure

You realize precisely what number of individuals are/were in your premises at a given purpose of time and who are they and with whom they are. All the visitor information and subtleties of his possessions are recorded just to guarantee the visitor does not harm any life or property.


  • Inbuilt security features limit the risk of any setback in the anchored premises
  • Visitors data are checked before giving an arrangement
  • All the visitor information is solely made accessible and is absolutely secure (nobody else can get to these information without administrator's consent)
  • Custom check strategies can be utilized according to the user's' requirement


No holding up in long Queues!! It takes just couple of moments to sign in a visitor. The enrollment procedure for a first time visitor is of 30 seconds including every one of his details and photo(optional)


  • You get the opportunity to plan your visitor enrollment shape
  • Simple and short time consuming enrollment process
  • Visitors enlisted once are not required to enlist over and over
  • Recently enlisted visitors' details can be brought by his telephone number, representative id, QR code and so forth.


Visitors take appoinment by giving their details and that of the worker whom they need to meet. The concerned individual whose appoinment is looked for gets an email containing every one of the details of the visitor and the date and time when he needs to meet. Representatives (or administrator) can deal with their appoinments.


  • Get email notification as and when an appointment is planned
  • Check the visitor details and acknowledge or reject to meet the visitor
  • Workers can block irritating visitors (appointments looked for by a blocked visitor get dropped consequently)
  • Workers can confine a few visitors (from a gathering of visitors who took appointment) from meeting them


You can't simply give anybody a chance to enter your property and do whatever he wishes. Take all data about a visitor before obliging him. Mehbaz accompanies numerous inbuilt approval procedures to guarantee accuracy of the information given by the visitors.


  • On the web and On the Spot security check of visitor information
  • OTP, email or potentially other comparative techniques for confirmation
  • Administrator chooses what all details of any visitor are to be checked previously enabling him to enter the workplace/foundation premises


Try not to battle with the messy handwriting of the visitors. Those information are of no esteem on the off chance that you can not peruse them. Make yourself free from manually written visitor data, profit of the digital storage to keep every one of your visitors' information securely sponsored up.


  • Scan for any visit information by date, visitor number or representative name/number and so on.
  • Download all visit and visitor information as and when required
  • Get safe, genuine and exact information in easily clear form
  • Details of the visitors and appointments are put away at the simple minute they are enlisted or potentially planned


Effectively sign-out visitors upon their exit. Only query for the card number issued to the visitor and sign him out from the list.


  • Visitor time spent like in-time, out-time in the premises are recorded
  • Administrator chooses whether the visitors' card is to be taken off on exit
  • No further conventions at leave time (visitors won't need to enter their leave time when they take off)
  • Security can access visitor report which is in-premises


Admin of the solution gets full control over his application. He can have his very own url and set the application according to his own preference without designer obstruction.


  • We can view all the appointment, visit details
  • Choose which all details of a visitor are to be caught and which are to be entirely confirmed
  • Choose access level for users
  • Manage staff entry and exit


Modify your application as you need. Mehbaz can be upgraded to suit extra features coveted by the client (customer) and works productively on any android and iOS worked gadget.